For Youth

You Have Rights in Foster Care

While you are in foster care, you deserve to feel safe, feel respected, and feel like you can live a healthy, happy, and normal life like the rest of your peers. All the adults in your life have the responsibility to support you and advocate for your well-being. This includes your social worker, your lawyer, your caregiver, your family members, your teachers, your CASA, and more!

You have rights as a foster youth! Remember, you deserve to be heard, and you have voice when it comes to your care, placement, and services. If you need help with speaking up for yourself or understanding what is happening in your situation, call us. Our Office was created to support, represent, and advocate for you.

We can help you by:

  • Investigating violations against your rights.

  • Resolving complaints about your care, placement, and services.

  • Sharing information about local resources and services.

  • Training you about your rights as a foster youth.

  • Finding the contact information for your social worker, probation officer, attorney, ILP coordinator, and others.

  • Writing you a Foster Youth Verification Letter so you can get financial aid or housing if you are a former foster youth.

and more!​

Toll-free hotline
MS 8-13-25
744 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95814