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Did you know you have over 40 rights in foster care?

Free iFoster Cell Phones for Foster Youth

If you are a foster youth ages 13-26 and were in care on your 13th birthday, you are eligible!

Who We Are and What We Do


We receive, investigate, and resolve complaints made by or on behalf of foster youth regarding their care, placement, and services. ​


We provide training about foster youth rights and other topics, and we share information about foster care resources and services.​


We submit annual reports to the legislature and recommend systemic changes that will better support youth in foster care.

Contact Us

File a Complaint

If you are a foster youth or have any concerns about a foster youth and their care, placement, services, or rights, then file a complaint with our office.

Make a Request

If you want us to facilitate a training or workshop presentation, attend your event to do outreach, or send foster youth rights publications, then make a request with our office.

Ask a Question

If you want to know about resources and services for foster youth, the work our office does, or about foster care in general, then ask our office.

Toll-free hotline
MS 8-13-25
744 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95814