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Foster Youth Bill of Rights

Wat to learn about your rights in foster care? Learn about the Foster Youth Bill of Rights and what to do if your rights are being violated.

File a Youth Complaint

Do you feel like your foster youth rights are being violated? Are you having issues with your care, placement, and services?

Request a Verification Letter

Are you a former foster youth who needs a verification letter or ‘ward of the Court’ letter for college, a housing, or other program?

Take the Foster Youth Survey

Take the confidential survey and tell us about your caregiver. Your story can make an impact and change foster care for the better.

Extended Foster Care (or AB12)

Extended Foster Care (EFC) Program allows eligible youth in the child welfare and probation systems to remain in foster care until age 21.  You can leave extended foster care and later choose to re-enter the program up to age 21.  To remain eligible for EFC, you must meet at least one of five participation criteria.  AB 12 also extended Kin Guardianship Assistance Payments (Kin-GAP) and Adoption Assistance Payments (AAP) up to age 21 for youth who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Questions about EFC?

Check out the California State Extended Foster Care website to learn more about the program and to find the EFC Contact for your county.

Contact the TAY Unit

Do you still need help understanding Extended Foster Care? Contact the Transition Age Youth (TAY) Policy Unit.
Phone: (916) 651-7465

Adulthood Resources

Once you become a legal adult, you gain new rights, such as the right to vote, and new responsibilities, such as having to file taxes. Learn more about resources and important facts that will help you on your journey to adulthood.

Register to Vote

Excercise your right to vote in elections!

  • Online registration deadline: 15 days before Election Day
  • Register by mail deadline: Must be postmarked 15 days before Election Day
  • In person registration deadline: Available up to and including on Election Day

File Your Taxes for Free

Did you know that you can file your federal and California state taxes for free? No service fee required!

If you make under $72,000 per year, you can file your federal taxes for free with IRS Free File.

You can file your California state taxes for free with CalFile.

Logo of the California Office of the Foster Care Ombudsperson

The California Office of the Foster Care Ombudsperson is dedicated to serving
foster youth in California by investigating and resolving complaints
about foster youth rights, care, placement, and services.

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Foster Youth Rights



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